8 Sex Trends You Might Not Know About, But Definitely Should Explore

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2nd Trend
It’s a bird … a plane … no, it’s a sex toy for everyone! Amazingly progressive sex toys are all the rage (freaking finally), and toys that accommodate genders of all kinds are at the forefront. The Picobong Transformer acts as a clitoral massager, G-spot stimulator, cock ring, prostate massager, and various other sex toys — all in one! I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen an image of such perfection. Even if it looks a little like an alien’s finger, it’s a surefire way make everyone’s orgasm on point.

This type of orgasm could mean you have more control over your ~sexual desire~

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Because the world is a bummer sometimes, and people can’t leave perfectly nice things alone, there’s a decently sized pool of research out there (*cough* Sigmund Freud *cough*) dedicated to proving that women who prefer clitoral orgasms are somehow deranged.

Does the basis for all that research have roots in toxic masculinity, and the idea that women who can get off without internal stimulation courtesy of a penis are ~*~evil witches~*~? LOL, probably!!!!! But I digress.
The good news is that a study, recently published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, has found that all that Freud stuff is not true, and the researchers even went so far as to suggest that women who prefer clitoral orgasms to vaginal orgasms might have greater control over their sexual desire.



To perform this fun orgasm study, the researchers had 88 women between the ages of 18 and 53 answer detailed (and intimate) questions about their “orgasm experiences,” sexual history, and history of depression and anxiety. The women in the study watched a series of normal and ~sexy~ movies, were told to respond “as usual” to the sexy films, and then report their level of sexual desire afterwards.
What the study found is that a majority of the women (64%) said that a combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulation is how they typically reach orgasm. But women who said clit stimulation was the main factor in reaching orgasm “reported a higher desire to self-stimulate and demonstrated greater control over their self-reported sexual arousal.”


And, despite Freud’s idea that women who prefer external to internal stimulation are somehow mentally unsound, the researchers in this new study found no link whatsoever between preferred stimulation site and a history of depression or anxiety.

So! There you have it. Preferring a clitoral orgasm does not make you sad, or anxious, or otherwise mentally messed up. IMO, leave orgasms out of all that. They are good, and should stay good, and Freud, I’m sorry pal, but you got this one wrong.