How To Have Great Sex: ♥ My 10 Personal Secrets To Make It Unforgettable ♥

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Are you looking to bring your sex up a notch? Throughout this book you will learn common killers of arousal and how to prevent them. Sex is exciting and should always be exciting. This book shows you how to always do that. Here is a synopsis of what you will learn: -Common killers of erection -Best techniques to maintain a strong erection and orgasm -Best sex positions for orgasm -Oral sex and handplay

Spice Up Your Sex Life + Kegel Toys |Let’s Talk About Sex|

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The New York Times No.1 bestselling sex book from America’s No.1 sex and romance author

This is the book that got more than a million couples back in the bedroom, with rekindled passion, hot romance, and a whole bunch of new techniques. There are 50 Secret Seductions written for his eyes only and 50 for her including the steamy ‘Dangerous When Wet’ and the saucy ‘Wild Card’…seduction number 101? That’s for both of you. Save that one for last – it’s for experienced lovers only!

Now in a different format with brand new seductions especially for the UK market, this book guarantees ‘great sex twice a week, every week, for one full year!’ and all it takes is the commitment to play and GRRREAT SEX does the rest – from foolproof seduction tips to a list of ingredients (scarf, massage oil etc). What’s more, you’ll actually turn interesting, exhilarating, unpredictable sex into a habit, and not just a special event. This is the classic book that’s sold over a million copies; America’s bestselling sex book. What’s all the buzz about? Find out when you buy 101 NIGHTS OF GRRREAT SEX!