How to Be Naughty and Sexy – Spice Up Your Love Life

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44 Amazing Sex Positions Every Married Couple Should Try To Spice Up Their Sex Life
Like many aspects of marriage, sex plays an integral part in the relationship. It goes beyond physical actions and acts as a form of communication and connection. An unhappy sex life can quickly lead to an unhappy marriage. One of the easiest and most pleasurable ways to keep your sex life active, exciting, and – most importantly – spicy is to keep things new. This can be done through various forms of foreplay, open communication about likes and dislikes, and a willingness to explore new positions. To help you explore your sex life and keep things spicy in (and out!) of the bedroom, this book offers a guide to 44 sexual positions ranging from the extremely intimate to adventurous and athletic.
Here is a list of types of positions you’ll learn in the book:
Intimacy Positions: For Those Needing to Rekindle Their Fire
Lying Down Positions: Finding New Ways to Make Horizontal Fun Memorable
Sitting and Kneeling Positions: You Don’t Have to Lie Down and Take It
Standing Positions: Who Said Sex Stays in the Bedroom?
Adventurous and Athletic Positions: For Those in Need of a Challenge
Your sex life may be suffering for a number of reasons – lack of intimacy, lack of variety, etc. – or it may be bountiful and just in need of a few ideas to jumpstart the bedroom adventures. Whatever the reason, these tips should offer the spice needed to kick start your love life to a whole new level.

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